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EXF #:   WM-010558  
Brand/Model:   RHINO FAB 950
Year of Mfg.:   2020
Condition:   Excellent condition  
Elect./Voltage:   240 V, 60 Cy, 3 Ph.
Appr. Repl. Cost:    300,000
Price:      USD     (Convert)
Financing:    N/A
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RHINO FAB 950 "Heavy Duty" CNC Profile Machining Center - 9.8 M (32')  -  only 1500 estimated hours!

3-Axis CNC automatic profile machining center designed for flexible and efficient machining of PVC, aluminum and thin-walled steel profiles. Functionalities include cutting, drilling, routing, countersinking and milling operations, 

The machine is designed and built for complete machining and processing with one operator and specifically designed for the curtain wall and storefront glazing industry. (3) Routers perform routing operations and ensure rapid drilling of holes. The machine has (3) drill heads, a drill at the top, bottom and at the front of the machine, working simultaneously. 

All the leading manufacturer's parts are pre-loaded into the software that runs the machine, so there is hardly any administrative time to invest in creating this on your own. The manufacturer database is factory maintained with new manufacturers & parts being constantly added.

Max. profile length: 32 ft. (9,800 mm)
Max. profile width: 10 in. (254 mm)
Max. profile height: 5 in. (127 mm)
Traverse path X-axis: 11.8 in.(300 mm)
Traverse path Y-axis: 5.9 in. (150 mm)
Traverse path Z-axis: 7.0 in. (178 mm)
Front X-axis: 9.8 in. (249 mm)
Front Y-axis: 5.1 in. (130 mm)
Front Z-axis: 5.9 in. (150 mm)
Positioning accuracy X-,Y-, Z-axis +/- 0.1 mm/m 
Infeed pusher Y-axis: 417 in. (10,592 mm)
Infeed conveyor X-axis: 120 in. (3,048 mm)

Orientation: Left to Right travel
Max. spindle speed: 18,000 RPM
Spindle power output: 22 kW
Max. cutting tool dia.: 0.060 - 0.75 in.
Max. saw blade dia.: 22 in.
Saw motor: 6 HP
Tool holder: HSK40, ER-25
X-, Y-, Z-axis positioning speed: 0 - 100 in./Sec.
Infeed pusher Y-axis positioning speed: 0 - 30 FPM
Infeed conveyor X-axis positioning speed: 0 - 30 FPM
Saw stroke speed: 0 - 6 in./Sec.

Dimensions: 19,990 x 3,581 x 2,159 mm (787" x 141" x 85") 
Weight: 953 kG (2100 Lbs)

 ● TS600 Automated Loader Assembly - infeed conveyor system with the capacity to pre-load (10) stock lengths of material
 ● "Heavy Duty" Router Spindles & Positioning Axis
 ● 3-Axis CNC control with independent CNC for fully automatic 3D machining, drilling, routing and sawing
 ● Drill & rout slots, notches & circles in extrusions on top, bottom & front
 ● Auto lubrication systems for sawing & drilling/milling modules as well as central lubrication system
 ● Operating panel with Windows operating system and 15" flat screen display
 ● Network connection PC control, USB port, telephone support
 ● Graphical operator visual guidance
 ● Quick-Change tool holder - HSK40, ER25 Collets
 ● Upcut saw with 22" saw blade & 90° cut angle
 ● Hydropneumatic, adjustable saw feed
 ● Outfeed roller tables (3) 8ft each
 ● Direct feed from estimating & fabrication software
 ● Automatic Label & Bar Code printer
 ● JET Dust extraction unit
 ● (3) 6" dia. Vacuum ports for dust extraction
 ● Completely enclosed cutting area

NOTE: The machine is in excellent condition with only 1500 estimated hours - Ready for shipment. The machine has the latest version of software controls.

NOTE: EX-FACTORY offers  “Full Service Logistics” . …comprehensive shipping services to your Plant Door.


    Region: SOUTHWEST (Click for Regional Map)
    Special Note: Hard to Find
    Comment: Very Late Model RHINO FAB 950....Will Not Last Long!
    *Dimensions: 795" L x 133" W x 86" H
    *Weight: 2,200 Lbs
    Written By: Greg Gibson
    *Dimensions & Weight data are based on 3rd party information and could be incorrect; please verify & confirm if accurate dimensions & weight are required.
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