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EXF #:   WM-010525  
Brand/Model:   WEGOMA WSA4V -WPA
Machine Type:   WINDOW LINE
Year of Mfg.:   2008
Condition:   Reconditioned  
Elect./Voltage:   230/400 V, 50/60 Cy, 3 Ph.
Appr. Repl. Cost:    395,000
Price:   $  199,000   USD     (Convert)
Financing:    3,955/Mo.
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WEGOMA - Complete, ...CNC Window Profile Machining Line

High quality German manufactured Machine Line for the fabrication of Aluminum and uPVC window profiles and suitable for small to medium sized fabricators. Capable of producing up to (100) completed units in an 8-hour shift. 

This Line features: Fully automated welding (4-head vertical welder) and cleaning; complete with Turning and Cooling Stations.

The Window Machining Line Contains The Following (14) Equipment Components:

● WEGOMA  - "WSA4V", ...NC 4-Head Vertical Welding Machine 
For welding PVC window frame or sash with 90° angle welding heads in 1-operation. User-friendly loading positions with: Heated weld bead limitation of 0.2 mm to 2 mm. 
PC Control with online connection, Electronic function monitoring, Quick Change device for welding foils, Automatic removal of the workpieces, and Pneumatic profile feed.

Max. welding area: 1600 × 2700 mm
Min. welding area: 295 × 325 mm
Max. profile height: 200 mm
Min. profile height: 40 mm
Standard limitation of welding bead: 2 mm
Optional limitation of welding bead: 0.2mm

Dimensions: 4,800 mm × 1,900 mm × 1,900 mm
Weight: 3,100 kG

● WEGOMA - "WPA", ... CNC Corner Cleaning Machine + Turning Station
2-Axis CNC corner cleaner for quick and effective removal of weld beads from the inner and outer corners.  Automatic profile recognition of an unlimited number of profiles.

Min. profile height in a line: 35 mm
Max. profile height in a line: 120 mm
Min. profile height without line: 25 mm
Max. profile height without line: 160 mm
Min. workpiece size in a line: 450 × 450 mm
Max. workpiece size in a line: 2,100 × 2,400 mm
Min. workpiece size without line: 350 × 350 mm
Max. workpiece size without line: Unlimited

● WEGOMA - "SD25", ... Double Miter Saw 

Max. distance between saws at 90°: 4,000 mm
Max. Cutting height at 90°: 220 mm 
Cutting width: 350 mm
(2) HM Sawblades Ø: 500 mm
Hydropneumatic Saw Feed
Pneumatic Clamping
Automatic tilting: 90° - 45°
Intermediate Angle Fixable
Right Saw Head fixed, left movable
Spraying Device
Electronic Positioning Control

Dimensions: 1,250  mm x 1,600 mm x 2,100 mm
Weight: 1,500  kG

 ● GRAULE - "AKF 5/250", ...End Milling / Notching Machine 
Simple and very robust End Milling Machine for right angled notching of PVC window & door profiles for T-joint connection. Milling depth and milling height can be precisely adjusted.

Spindle speed: 2,800 RPM
Cutter: Ø 250 mm
Cutter supporting device: Ø 40 mm
Milling spindle length: 90 mm
Milling width: 330 mm
Milling depth: 80 mm
Suction plant: 80 mm
Weight: 95 kG

● WEGOMA "BG10D" Metal Cutting Saw 
Steel circular saw for reinforcement and other types of steel. Manual start of the sawing process. Rotatable head, 45° left, 45° right, Two speeds: 40 rpm and 80 rpm, 
Reduction gear, Double hinge pin with eccentric socket, Quick-release vice, Membrane pump and filter for coolant and Adjustable counter vice for longitudinal cuts.

Saw blade diameter: 250 mm
Cutting depth – solid material: 90° = 40 mm, 45° = 35 mm
Cutting depth – hollow material: 90° = 70 mm, 45° = 65 mm
Profile dimensions at 90°: 70 × 70 mm to 55 × 95 mm
Profile dimensions at 45°: 55 mm × 55 mm, 50 mm × 60 mm
Speed: 40 – 80 RPM
Weight: 83 kG

● WEGOMA "1117/VII" Roller Conveyor 
Length: 3 m
Width (roller): 150 mm
Width: (total): 190 mm

● WEGOMA - "LA150LS", ...Length Stop
1,500 mm Left, with (1) shutter stop and support leg

● WEGOMA - "WS211-4DE", ...Automatic Water Slot Drainage Router
Water Slot Router with automatic workflow. The (4) motors ensure smooth running and optimal results. No profile turning necessary, as there is a profile stop on the right & left side. The milling motors can be set to the required angle of inclination and individually switched on (up to max. 45°). Each profile end can be provided with all the necessary slots.
Equipped with: Hydropneumatic feeding. Can be switched from routing (water slots) to drilling (ventilation holes) with NO re-clamping.
Automatic workflow via PLC control.

Working length: 2,700 mm
Milling spindle speed: 1,1000 RPM
Max. profile height: 110 mm
Stroke milling spindle: 80 mm
Stroke feed cylinder: 50 mm
Air connection: 6 – 8 bar
Weight: 160 kG

● WEGOMA - "RB3000", ...Roller Conveyor (Double-Sided)
Width: 150/200 mm 
Length: 1,500 mm 

● WEGOMA  - "KF130S", ...Copy Router with Triple Drilling 
Flexible triple drill and copy router with pneumatic double clamping. The milling motor from above can be operated with a template or limit stops. The robust 3-spindle drill head can be easily adapted to the required drilling heights. Vertical copy router unit from above and key hole drilling unit from behind.

Speed: 2,800 RPM
Milling area: 220 mm x 115 mm
Milling depth: 110 mm
Milling spindle speed: 14,000 RPM
Vertical adjustment of drill: 6 – 80 mm
Drilling speed: 1,400 RPM
Air connection: 6 – 8 Bar
Weight: 150 kG

● HASSOMAT - "ZLN 1T", ...1-Head Universal Welding Machine 
Single-Head Welding Machine for special applications

Angle adjustable 30° - 180°
Welding bead limitation: 2 mm
Set of support arms
Transom welding
Cross welding in (2) cycles

● WEGOMA - "SE1-S", ...Integrated Reinforcement Screwdriver Machine
Reinforcement screwdriver with automatic screw feed. With high torque and an extra powerful air motor

Speed: 2,400 RPM
Torque: 5.9 Nm
Air connection: 6 – 8 bar
Screw length: 15 – 40 mm
Screw diameter: 3.5 – 4.2 mm
Button for pneumatic screw release
Foot pedal actuated
Automatic depth stop
Weight: 65 kG

● WEGOMA - "GL142P", ...Glazing Bead Cutting Saw
Glazing Bead Saw with: (4) Carbide saw blades for double-cutting glazing beads. (2) 125 mm Carbide saw blades undercut the gasket of the glazing bead for an optimal result. PLC Controlled process.

Speed: 2,800 RPM
2 HM saw blades: 200 mm
2 HM saw blades right or left: 103 mm, 45°
Cutting area without allowance: 120 mm
Cutting area with allowance: 140 mm
Pneumatic workpiece clamping
Weight: 129 kG

● WEGOMA ...Glazing Bead Cutting Saw Stop
Variable: 1.5 m and 3.0 m
Support: 3 m and legs

NOTE: All machines are in excellent operating condition and are immediately production-ready. 

NOTE: EX-FACTORY’s Logistic Department is experienced and setup to provide Full Service Logistics from Overseas Suppliers to your Door. Can provide: Packaging, Container Loading, Ocean Freight, Marine Insurance (door to door), US or Canadian Customs, Duty, and domestic shipping to your Plant Door.

    Region: EUROPE (Click for Regional Map)
    Special Note: Refurbished
    Comment: Excellent price on a complete WEGOMA Window Line!
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    Written By: Greg Gibson
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