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EXF #:   WM-010521  
Machine Type:   WINDOW LINE
Year of Mfg.:   2017
Condition:   Excellent condition  
Elect./Voltage:   400 V, 50/60 Cy, 3 Ph.
Appr. Repl. Cost:    550,000
Price:   $  219,500   USD     (Convert)
Financing:    4,363/Mo.
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STURTZ CNC PVC Window Welding/Cleaning Production Line

German engineered CNC cleaning and welding production line for PVC windows. Suited for mid to large production manufacturing environments and compatible with all PVC window profiles. Depending upon the product mix, up to 120 windows with one element per welding cycle can be welded in a diagonal or parallel joining process within an 8 hour shift. 

PC-based control technology with LCD process-reliable display of production and machine data; features easy to operate intuitive menu navigation and the visual representation of machining processes on the touchscreen display.

Window Welding/Cleaning Production Line Consists Of The Following Components:

[1] STURTZ HSM-TCL TURBO - 30/26 Multi-Point (4-Head) Horizontal Welding Machine 
CNC simultaneous high-temperature welding of four corners at an angle of 90° with parallel welding feed. With electronic positioning of welding heads, PC control, Weld seam limitation of 2 mm & automatic out-feed.

Working direction: Right to Left
Line capacity: Standard 120 units / 8 hours shift. 1 unit = 1 frame + 1 sash
Min. window size: 330 x 320 mm (13" x 12.5")
Max. window size: 3000 x 2600 mm (118" x 102")
Min. profile depth: 45 mm (1.77")
Max. profile depth: 120 mm (4.7")
Min. profile sight line: 25 mm ( 1")
Max.. profile sight line: 130 mm (5.1")

Weight: 3100 kG (6,820 Lbs)

Turbo welding process using (8) servos
Quick-change device for fixtures
Inner gasket limitation device
Alternating welding frame/sash
Frame combination welding
Front door welding longitudinally and transversely
Extra-long weld lengths
HFL welding (wooden window frame look)

[2] STURTZ Transport / Cooling Table (2017)
The powered automatic table transports the elements from welding to cleaning positions during which time the welds are allowed to "cool".

[3] STURTZ OpticStar - 4MX  CNC Twin Head Corner Cleaner (2016)
CNC Corner cleaning machine with (4) interpolating axes for a complete machining of corners of uPVC window frames. Fully automatic cleaning of visible surfaces, outer corners, seal grooves, inner corners on uPVC window frames and sashes. 

Min. window size: 290 x 290 mm
Max. window size: 3000 x 2600 mm (during turning operation)
Min. profile depth: 25 mm
Max. profile depth: 160 mm
Min. profile sightline: 25 mm
Max. profile sightline: 130 mm

Standard Tooling:
(1) Drill unit for top sealing groove
(1) Drill unit for bottom sealing groove
(2) Grooving knives
(2) Inner corner knives
(1) Outer contour milling disc

4-Axis Twin Head Cleaner
Four axis system for fast, simultaneous top and bottom cleaning
Flexible outer contour machining with saw blade
Graphical Teach-in programming under Windows operating system
Automatic profile recognition
Tooling capability to clean most North American profiles
Optional tools to clean radii and slopes
Optional automatic turning station
Optional Network capability to welder

Machine dimensions: 3353 x 2057 x 2134 mm (132“ x 81“ x 84“)
Weight: 1500 kG

[4] STURTZ Rotating Station / Table (2016)

NOTE: Machines are in excellent working condition - Service of Experienced Technicians available for "Professionally disconnecting, packaging, containerizing and reinstallation" of the equipment.   

NOTE: EX-FACTORY’s Logistic Department is experienced and setup to provide “Full Service Logistics” from Overseas Suppliers to your Door. …Packaging, Container Loading, Ocean Freight, Marine Insurance (door to door), US or Canadian Customs, Duty and domestic shipping to your Plant Door.

    Region: EUROPE (Click for Regional Map)
    Special Note: Best Buy
    Comment: Late model STURTZ production window line ...ready for installation!
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    Written By: Greg Gibson
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