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EXF #:   GM-010637  
Year of Mfg.:   2016
Condition:   Like New  
Elect./Voltage:   400 V, 50/60 Cy, 3 Ph.
Appr. Repl. Cost:    1,450,000
Price:   $  689,500   USD     (Convert)
Financing:    13,704/Mo.
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LISEC Complete Automated Insulating Glass Line - 2000 X 2500 mm

Insulating Glass line for assembly of double or triple insulating glass units. The loading zone at the inlet is designed to feed the washer in a timely manner. Using a 8-Brush washer and drying zone ensures cleanness of the single sheets before frame mounting and insulating glass assembly.

Final visual quality checks are done at the frame mounting station. The press finalizes this automated process before manual take off and secondary sealing.

LISEC Working direction: from left to right
Maximum glass production size 2000 X 2500 mm (79" x 98")
Minimum IG unit size 350 x 180 mm (14" x 7")
Single IG unit thickness up to 60 mm (2.4")
Shapes according to LISEC shape catalogue
(4) Side steps (bottom step is 40 mm)
IG Unit width 12 - 60 mm (0.5" x 2.4")
Capable Of Triplets

Consists Of The Following Equipment Components:

1. LISEC "RTVB" Transport Station

2. LISEC "RTVN" Transport Station

3. LISEC  Washing Machine Inlet Conveyor

4. LISEC "VHW" Vertical Washing Machine

Automatic 8-Brush Washing and drying system for glass panes with infinitely variable adjustment of the glass thicknesses. Designed to wash and dry flat glass sheets, and can be used in continuous operation or as a stand-alone system. The machine's construction is mainly made of stainless steel. The machine has a separate, optimized control program as well as automatically controlled water supply and brush drives.

5. LISEC "RO" Reverse Osmosis System

6. LISEC  Washing Machine Outlet Conveyor

7. LISEC "RTV" Transport Station 

8. LISEC "RTVN" Transport Station

9. LISEC "RSVN" Assembly And Frame-Setting Station

Vertical station for the manual application of spacer frames on glass sheets. After feeding in the glass sheet to the reference point, the auxiliary frame mounting stops automatically adjust to the bottom and front vertical glass edge. 

10. LISEC "RTVN" Transport Station

11. LISEC "RTVB" Transport Station

12. LISEC  Gas Press Inlet Conveyor

13. LISEC "FPS" Gas Filling Press

Fully automated machine for gas filling, assembly and flat pressing of insulating glass units. The press is suitable for processing double and triple insulating glass units, any kind of shape (LiSEC Shape Catalogue), cast glass and laminated glass. Precise metering of the quantity of gas and a specially developed nozzle system enable units to be filled with argon or krypton at the highest possible gas filling rate. When using mixed gases, precision regulators will control gas amount and mixing ratio.

14. LISEC  Gas Press Outlet Conveyor

15. LISEC "RTV" Transport Station

16. LISEC "RTVB" Transport Station

17. LISEC "VFL-1" Automatic Sealing Robot (2019)
Automatic sealing machine designed to apply sealant to insulating glass units. The machine consists of an infeed and outfeed section and of an unloading station. A separate measuring section in front of the machine measures the thickness of the glass panes, the air spaces between them and the total thickness of the glass unit. The top edge of the insulating glass unit is guided along a horizontal roller beam. In this way, glass units are conveyed at a given distance to the back panel in the sealing sections.They are transported on a wear-resistant transport chain, which supports the unit’s bottom edge only slightly and keeps the sealing cavity free for sealant application. A suction device, guided in a linear manner and integrated into the back panel, ensures that insulating glass units are transported with no slippage. Maximum unit thickness 60 mm 

NOTE: This line has never been used in production and is in Brand New condition. Professionally cleaned, serviced and maintained.

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    Region: EUROPE (Click for Regional Map)
    Special Note: Like New
    Comment: Late model LISEC IG line in Like New condition!
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    Written By: Greg Gibson
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