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BREAK-OUT TABLE - 3 listings
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GM-300004  |  ACULITE 96X144AT  |  BREAK-OUT TABLE
Year of Mfg: 2023    Brand New w/Warranty    Region: SOUTHWEST
Description:: ACULITE 108" x 144" Tilting Air-Float Glass Break-Out Table Highly versatile hydraulic tilt-top cutting table... Read More
$ 17,950
Comment: Brand New Air Float table....comes with full warran...
GM-010768  |  HEGLA LKT-3370  |  BREAK-OUT TABLE
Year of Mfg: 2000    Very good condition    Region: EUROPE
Description:: HEGLA  LK TR 7034  TILTING BREAK OUT TABLE WITH BELTS   3300 X 7000 mm Highly versatile table ... Read More
$ 12,500
Comment: Tilting table in very good condition!
GM-010747  |  LISEC LKT 21-33  |  BREAK-OUT TABLE
Year of Mfg: 2014    Excellent condition    Region: EUROPE
Description:: LISEC LKT 21-33   Air-Float Glass Unloading Table 2100 x 3300 mm 82" x 130" Highly versatile table reduc... Read More
$ 22,500
Comment: Ready for immediate delivery.
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